• The Feeling Friends Digital Music Album is a companion to 13 books in The Feeling Friends Book Series created by Karen Cuthrell. Designed for Pre-K to beginning-readers, the compilation digital music and book transport children to Feeling Friends Island, a magical place where children are free to express their feelings in a world as vibrant as their own imaginations. The Music Album can be used alone, yet when combined with the books, it creates an exciting new experience for a child.


    What is especially interesting about The Feeling Friends 2018 Music Album, is that each track is not just a small variance in style of music being played. Rather, it is a unique collection of Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Rap, Rock, and New Age/Classical styles of music which helps to create a greater definition of how a child will envision the character being introduced and the message they convey. 


    The Feeling Friends Digital Music Album is an excellent learning tool that provides a contribution to critical skill development which is nothing short of impressive. The Digital Music Album has the necessary elements to stimulate critical skill development in a child in a very subtle, yet solid and consistent manner. It also reinforces the message.


    "LOVE is the most important Feeling!" 

    Digital Music Album™