Billy the Bully Goat was conceived when I realized that there was so much bullying taking place in the world, schools, families and in the workplace.  To successfully create Billy, I researched bullying behavior.


“Being a Bully really stinks.

Being a Bully makes me think.

Why do I do these things I do.

I don’t want to hurt you.

I’m really hurting inside too.

No Bullying…It’s About LOVE!”


I realized that LOVE can only conquer bullying.  The Billy the Bully Goat Puppet allows you to reinforce the song No Bullying…It’s About LOVE! to children.  When singing the song and the visual of Billy the Bully Goat Puppet, children get it.


LOVE is the most important Feeling! - Miss KK

Billy the Bully Goat™ Puppet