We all get angry in life at times.  A Feeling Friend Believer told me that she uses Angie the Angry Tiger Puppet to talk to her husband before going to bed at night.  What an ingenious way to express your anger I thought.  With the puppet, this Believer used her words to express her anger and it was effective.


“I don’t understand what this feeling's about

So I use my words and I let it out.

You are making me angry because….

That’s what I shout!”


The Angie the Angry Tiger Puppet allows us to teach children how to use their words to talk about anger.  Everyone needs an Angie The Angry Tiger Puppet.  I wish I had the Angie the Angry Tiger in April 1987.


LOVE is the most important Feeling! - Miss KK

Angie the Angry Tiger™ Puppet